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Home surveillance systems have never been more accessible, thanks to advances in high-capacity digital storage and high-resolution cameras. You may easily build together a system that matches your needs, whether you just want to keep an eye on your front entrance or everything that happens on your property.

Security via closed circuit or network?

Closed-circuit surveillance systems keep all of the video they record locally. Network security systems are a relatively new development. The footage is uploaded to the Internet through network systems. Each system has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

  • Closed circuit systems often have far lower resolution than network cameras.
  • Security systems for networks can be set up to respond automatically to motion or other suspicious activity, and they can also be watched remotely from a phone or computer.
  • CCTV systems do not require a high-speed Internet connection or potentially costly online storage.
  • CCTV cameras are typically less expensive and easier to use than network cameras.

What kind of camera do I require?

There are many various types of home video security cameras to select from, and which one is best for you is determined by your security requirements.

  • Weather-resistant security cameras will be required for outdoor use. This is less significant if you wish to install a camera indoors.
  • The angle of view is an important factor to consider. A camera with a restricted field of view might be ideal for keeping an eye on a corridor, while a wide angle camera is better for keeping an eye on your backyard.
  • Cameras that pan, tilt, and zoom modify their angle to expand their effective coverage area. These are typically more expensive and include moving parts, but the owner can often manage them remotely.
  • Additional security functions, such as audio recording or infrared capture, are available on certain modern cameras.
  • Large, visible cameras can prevent attackers on their own, whereas tiny hidden cameras are more difficult to dodge.

What kind of storage will I require?

Closed-circuit security systems require local storage, however having a local copy of network camera footage can be beneficial. Different home security surveillance systems will address this issue in different ways.

  • For onboard storage, several security cameras have microSD card slots. Depending on the camera, it may record all of the time or only when it is triggered by local events or by the owner.
  • Some security cameras, particularly CCTV cameras, include the ability to back up footage to an external hard drive through a cable or wireless connection. To store more film, external hard drives might have far greater storage than microSD cards.