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It's Time to Replace Those Old Headphones

For folks who enjoy music, gaming, or working out on the go, a pair of headphones can be an excellent investment. A decent pair of headphones should be comfortable to wear, have excellent sound quality, and match your personal style. On-ear, over-the-ear, open-back, and closed-back headphones are all available. You can also choose wireless or Bluetooth solutions, which are more convenient because they don't require dragging a cord with you.

What Do Open and Closed-Back Headphones Mean?

The ear cups of a pair of headphones are referred to as "open" or "closed-back." The majority of models have closed backs, meaning the ear cup is completely closed on the exterior. There is a grille on the outside of an open-back model. Because sound waves do not bounce off the rear of the ear cup and return to the ear, open-back models deliver good sound detail and depth.

What Is the Difference Between On-Ear and Over-Ear Headphones?

On-ear headphones sit on top of your ear, and over-ear headphones feature larger cups that go all the way around your ear. Over-ear headphones provide better isolation. Because both varieties will produce the same sound, the difference boils down to personal preference and comfort. Over-ear variants are preferred by joggers because they remain in place better when jogging.

What exactly is a "Soundstage?"

Imagine hearing a piece of music's instruments arrayed around you, as if you were sitting in the center of a band, when referring to the "soundstage" of a set of headphones. A decent soundstage can help players identify the direction a sound is coming from, such as gunfire, grenades, or a character's speech, in gaming. Some headphones are known for their soundstage. Because they allow for perceived separation between instruments and depth sound, ear cups with open backs provide strong soundstage.

What is "Coloration"?

The modification that speakers and circuitry make to headphone audio is referred to as coloration. Some versions, known as monitors, strive to be as neutral as possible, transmitting the audio source unchanged. Others add more bass, warmer midranges, or sharper high notes, for example. Coloration makes different models ideal for different genres and uses, and this boils down to a matter of taste. A "house sound" is often associated with a brand. For example, Grados is noted for precise bass and Sennheiser for soaring highs. Gamers often want a more even coloring since they demand accurate and detailed sound. In some situations, a model will have the option to turn on a sound modification, such as a bass boost, or even have its own equalization.