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Telephones and Handsets for the Home

Cordless phones provide excellent sound quality, increased security, and at-home convenience. There are many options available to homeowners looking for new cordless phones or handsets.

What are the different types of cordless phones and handsets?

DECT, or Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication, technology is used in many home phones. The DECT frequency band offers excellent audio quality. This is because it reduces wireless router interference and improves range. While all house phones use DECT, they are available in a variety of forms, including:

  • Standard Cordless Phones: These simple phones typically have a cordless base, a handset, and a few simple options. Many individuals appreciate the cordless phones' simple, intuitive technology. They frequently include features such as variable device volume and calendar and time functions.
  • Cordless Phones with Answering Systems: Compared to phones without answering systems, these phones are slightly larger. An answering machine is quite convenient, and these phones come with a variety of capabilities, such as remote access and a chosen ring number.
  • Hands-free phones: Some users prefer the convenience of cordless headset phones. Some cordless phones include a standard handset as well as a hands-free headset. These high-tech phones can include a variety of useful features, such as digital technology and push-to-talk capabilities.

What are the advantages of cordless phones?

Cordless phones come with a plethora of useful functions. Among them are:

  • Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows phones to connect with other phones. Users can now make and receive cell phone calls from the convenience of their home phone.
  • Handset Speakerphone: This feature allows users to communicate without using a handset.
  • Many cordless phone systems are expandable, allowing you to add multiple handsets.
  • Many cordless types may be mounted on the wall, giving users more options.
  • Mobile Notifications: Bluetooth-enabled cordless phones send users mobile notifications when they get new texts, social media updates, or emails.
  • Many cordless phones allow users to upload cell phone directories rather than manually entering names and numbers.
  • Two-Line Support: Several cordless versions can accept calls from two different phone numbers, making conference calls a breeze.
  • LCD Display: Handsets have easy-to-read LCD displays that make it simple to see who called and when.
  • Digital Answering Systems: Digital systems use a microchip to record all announcements and messages. This improves efficiency, improves message access, and simplifies message deletion.
  • Caller ID: This feature enables customers to see who is calling before answering the phone. The LCD screen of the device displays most Caller IDs. Caller IDs with coded ring tones are available on some cordless phones. Users can assign ringtones to specific callers with these. Other phones have Caller ID that speaks to you.