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Cases, covers, and keyboard folios for tablets and eBooks

With so many options to select from, finding the ideal case for your tablet or eReader can be difficult. You might prefer a simple case that you can take with you wherever you go, or you might discover that multiple covers work for different occasions. The appropriate case and keyboard combo can expand your device's capabilities.

How do you choose the best case?

The best case for your tablet or eReader is one that fits it perfectly.

  • Device Size: Most tablet cases will fit any standard-sized device. Samsung Galaxy tablets, iPads, and numerous eReaders, for example, come in 7-inch sizes. Because of their size, some tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy View, require unique casings.
  • Even for the same sort of gadget, the location of headphone connectors and charging ports varies by model. To display and access buttons, several cover kinds must be suitably sized. It's possible that what works for one gadget won't work for another. For example, if you're shopping for an iPad case, you'll need to know both the iPad size and model.

What types of cases do you have?

There are four different sorts of tablet cases, each with their own set of features.

  • Skin: Skin-type covers provide a thin layer of plastic that protects your device while also adding color. Skins cover the entire device while still allowing you to see the screen and crucial buttons.
  • Tablet covers are harder and thicker than skins, yet they retain the device's basic design while adding a protective outer layer. Leather and plastic cases are available.
  • Laptop sleeves are available in cotton, leather, and plastic. One side of these cases zips up. Many sleeves allow you to carry little items like pens or paper as needed.
  • Folio Cover: Like a hardback book, these tablet cases keep your device safe while folding into place. A leather shell or a hard plastic holder are common materials used in these cases.
  • Built-in Stands: Some covers and folios come with built-in stands that allow you to prop up your smartphone for easier access.
  • Consider a tablet case with slots for wireless peripherals like a touch pen, tiny keyboard, or Bluetooth mouse if you have them.

What is a folio for a keyboard?

A keyboard folio is a case that transforms your tablet into a laptop computer. On one side, there's a built-in Bluetooth keyboard, and on the other, there's space for your tablet. When the keyboard case is opened, you can type using the Bluetooth keyboard. The tablet or eReader is protected from debris when the keyboard case is closed.

Can the Bluetooth wireless mouse or keyboard be replaced?

Some keyboard cases include replaceable keyboards or Bluetooth keyboard slots. These accessories can be swapped out. You may also utilize a detachable keyboard that clicks into your tablet on devices like the Surface Pro. You can also use Bluetooth with the Surface Pro, and you can swap out Pro keyboards as needed.