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Accessories for Tablets and eBook Readers

Cases and covers, screen protectors, keyboards, docking stations, chargers, mounts, styluses, and adapters are all popular accessories for tablets and eBook readers. Some items have many purposes. Some docking stations, for example, can also serve as keyboards, and some USB adapters have memory card ports.

What Is The Distinction Between A Cover, Jacket, Case, Hard Shell, And Folio?

A cover is a thin, softer protective covering that is used to protect the screen of a gadget. Many coverings, such as the Apple iPad Smart Cover, also serve as stands. A jacket is similar, but it protects the device's back rather than the screen. A case protects the entire gadget from bumps and drops by being thicker and tougher. A hard shell case is one composed of hard materials to provide additional protection. A folio is a more flexible case composed of softer materials. It usually has the appearance of a folder or a leather book cover.

How Can Users Of Tablets And eBook Readers Pick The Best Case For Their Needs?

When purchasing a case or cover for a tablet or eBook reader, the first thing to consider is protection. Users who want to use their devices at home may find that a cover or light case suffices, whereas those who plan to take their devices camping will need a heavy-duty waterproof case like the OtterBox. For consumers on the go, weight is a crucial factor, since bulky cases can be uncomfortable after several hours of carrying the device about. Because many gadgets may do many functions at once, all users should consider function. Tablet keyboards are included in keyboard cases for people who prefer to type. External batteries are included in some versions, extending battery life dramatically.