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Keyboards and Keypads for Computers

Two of the most basic computing devices are keyboards and keypads. The number of ways to input data has increased as computers have become more prevalent in many aspects of life. There are various options available, whether you want a normal wired or wireless keyboard or a keyboard built for a certain type of user (such as a gaming keyboard).

What Are the Different Computer Keyboard Types?

There are numerous aspects to consider when purchasing a new keyboard. Here are a few suggestions to help you narrow down your options:

  • While many people prefer the convenience of a wireless keyboard, older Apple and Windows laptops may not be compatible with the basic Bluetooth technology necessary, and wireless keyboards frequently require recharging/replacing batteries. USB is commonly used to connect wired keyboards.
  • Standard, ergonomic, or gaming: If you experience wrist pain or anticipate typing for long periods of time, an ergonomic model may be preferable to the standard rectangular shape. These keyboards divide the standard QWERTY layout into two half, with elevated regions that allow the hands to rest in a more natural position. A gaming keyboard contains additional function keys and is frequently backlit if you are an ardent gamer.
  • Mini keyboards are small wireless keyboards that can be used to interface with game consoles, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and PCs and laptops.
  • Backlit keyboards include lighted keys, which are beneficial for gamers and movie watchers.
  • Extended keyboards that include trackpads and numeric keypads are available. A built-in trackpad eliminates the need to purchase an additional mouse, reducing desk clutter. Accounting, bookkeeping, and coding professionals will benefit from numeric keypads.

What Makes a Gaming Keyboard So Special?

Many serious gamers prefer keyboards to controllers, and keyboard makers have accommodated to these preferences by introducing functions such as:

  • Backlit keys are a good convenience because people occasionally switch off the lights while gaming.
  • Keys with resiliency. To the untrained eye, all keys appear identical, but players understand that there are variances in the mechanics that determine longevity. Mechanical keys and membrane keys are two alternatives to consider.
  • Waterproofing. In the heat of battle, mistakes are made. Many gaming keyboards are made of rubber or other materials that make them waterproof or water-resistant, allowing you to continue playing after a spill.

What are the Keyboard's Other Keys?

Aside from alphanumeric keys, computer keyboards have arrow keys for moving the cursor or pointer, function keys for activating various elements of your computer, and dedicated buttons for deleting, ejecting disks and drives, altering volume and brightness, and more. Furthermore, entering combinations might instruct your computer to carry out activities. These differ based on whether you're using an Apple, Windows, or Chrome device, as well as how complicated your keyboard is.